Get CLose

Sukkot with the Den

Sukkah Building & Decorating
Sunday, Oct. 13 • 10:00-12:00pm @ Rabbi Aderet’s home in Bethesda

Whether you’re a first timer or consider yourself a Sukkah building expert, come build with us. We're expanding our sukkah this year, so we welcome all the help!

Communal Sukkot Dinners
Sunday, Oct. 13 • 7:30pm in both Bethesda & Arlington
Monday, Oct. 14 • 7:30pm in Arlington

Open Sukkah • BYO Meal
Tuesday-Sunday, Oct. 15-20

Looking for a Sukkah to have a meal during the week? Both of our sukkot (in Bethesda and Arlington) will be open to the community.

Parashah Study
Tuesday, Oct. 15 • 7:30-9:00pm @ Rabbi Rami’s home in Arlington

Rabbi Rami’s weekly Torah study will explore the themes of sukkot.

An Evening Under the Stars: Sukkot Wine & Cheese
Wednesday, Oct. 16 • 8:00pm @ Rabbi Aderet’s home in Bethesda

Just as the sukkah is vulnerable to the elements, so too are we impacted immensely by the world around us.  We'll learn, connect with people in the community and yes, also enjoy some wine & cheese (with our resident wine expert - Brett!) We'll also be joined by Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz from B'nai Israel in Rockville.